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All of our bath bombs are handmade by Glo Girl Body Products, Inc. using kid friendly, skin safe ingredients! 

What is a Bath Bomb? Besides looking super cute and smelling extra yummy....our moisture rich bath bombs and cupcakes softens the water, moisturizes your skin, smells delish and adds bubbling goodness ... all while soaking up the goodness of natural butters and oils in you bath! 

♥ How do I use it? It’s really fun and super easy to easy to use (it was one way to lure our little ones into the tub). Remove the liner and drop the bath bomb ball or cupcake in your bath under warm running water. As the bottom fizzes it will release the natural butters and oils your skin will adore. If you ordered a cupcake, the “frosting” sugar scrub top will separate and is used as a skin exfoliator for super smooth and silky skin. 

♥ How is it Packaged? As with all of our products, these items are packaged and ready for gift giving. Nestled in crinkle paper tucked inside clear wrapping to showcase the Bubbly Bomb.


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